feldenkraisli.comIn Awareness Through Movement classes, participants are verbally led through specific movement explorations (referred to as movement lessons).  With guidance to focus your attention internally students learn ways to refine and improve their movements. The lessons help to clarify the connection of each body part as it relates to the whole therby enhancing the efficiency of movement.

This way of moving is innate to us all.  It is the way healthy young children, skilled athletes and performers move; with ease, grace and fluidity.

Anyone can regain the pleasure, comfort and freedom available to them by learning to move this way.

It is easier than you might think.


Group with Chairs
Group with Chairs

“I have learned a greater appreciation of my body’s restorative ability; a gentler way of moving, which is peace promoting.  Great and positive change does occur without stress, anxiety or forceful movement.”  ~Lillian Lager, Retired Teacher, ATM Student

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